About Recon Roofing

Are you tired of confusing charges, careless work, and subpar results when it comes to your roofing needs? We’re a different kind of roofing company in north Austin that has just one goal in mind: complete customer satisfaction with a job well done.

Recon Roofing was founded by U.S. Armed Forces veteran Dennis Pittard in 2021. A truck driver for over 10 years, Dennis wanted to do more for his Austin community at home and went to work with a friend in the local roofing business. But after two years in the industry, he realized he had to do more.

“I saw practices you wouldn’t believe when I took a close look at our competitors. Up-charging customers for unneeded supplies, sloppy work, and plain dishonesty. I founded Recon Roofing as an answer to the companies I saw out there who were cutting corners and overcharging their customers.

I knew that what central Texas needed was an honest roofing company that was completely upfront with its customers and would always put them first.”